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music for silent film

One of the pleasant peculiarities of my career has been the spending of extensive amounts of time recording fresh musical soundtracks for restored silent films. Working for the National Film Preservation Foundation I’ve recorded and mixed something on the order of over 30 hours of music, for around 120 different films long and short, spread out over four different boxed DVD sets.

I plan to have some of the more choice specimens available for sampling here soon. Until then, you can enjoy a few of them directly from the NFPF’s own website. Here’s a few of my favorites:


From “Treasures 5: The West” – the latest DVD boxed set, released this past September

How the Cowboy Makes His Lariat (1917)

Mantrap (1926)

From “Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film”

The Cost of Carelessness (1913)

From “More Treasures from American Film Archives”
(as seen on Turner Classic Movies)

Skyscraper Symphony (1929)

The Breath of a Nation (1919)

From “Treasures from American Film Archives”

The Fall of the House of Usher (1928)