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“The Last Day of Bove’s Cafe” — A documentary about sense of place

Much to my own great surprise, I’m about to make my first attempt to step out from behind the camera op and move to that position just to the side of the lens.


The details of my love affair with the State of Vermont are material for a different post, but for now I’ll say a major partof that love is the “lost in time” quality it possesses — and to a certain extent, even prides itself about. One of the prime examples of that is Bove’s Cafe in Burlington. Opened in 1941 by Louis and Victoria Bove, it’s been serving up plates of simple, delicious spaghetti, meatballs, and other Italian staples through three generations of the Bove family, in a small room that’s barely changed a bit since the 50s. It’s a living connection to an earlier era — almost a time machine.

And it’s about to close.

When I found out they were shutting down the cafe to concentrate on their growing business of jared sauces, my inner preservationist kicked in hard. I had an immediate urge to capture every bit of the cafe I could while it was still “alive”, so to speak. So I reached out to a few friends, put together a small crew, and committed to the attempt to capture the ephemeral.

It’s one heck of a quick learning curve I’m attempting to ride. It will interesting to see just how much I’ve absorbed from many the directors and producers I’ve observed over the years.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear any stories you might have about Bove’s. No matter where you’re from, if you have memories or stories about Bove’s you’d like to share, plese come to the cafe on December 23rd, and share them with us on camera. You’ll be contributing to Burlington’s cultural heritage and (if I do my job right), helping us all come to a deeper understanding of our emotions regarding “sense of place”.

UPDATE: view the project brief

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