sound for film & video


Runnin’ ‘n’ gunnin’

INTERIOR (of the vehicle) MONOLOGUE: “Okay, unannounced the vid has climbed over the back seat of the SUV and is now perched precariously atop all the gear bags while shooting the road racers out the back window. There’s nothing remotely like room for two people back there. I could tell him to switch to his on-camera mic, but where he’s positioned that’s not going to pick up anything better than a lovely duet for wind and tailpipe. The producer has told me not to worry about it, they’re just going to cover it with music anyway. So I can just sit here uselessly, which I don’t consider to be one of my core competencies. Or… maybe I can hang out the side window far enough to get my boom away from the vehicle… but not so far that I actually fall out of this thing… all right, let’s find out how well a Windjammer really works… and hope this driver doesn’t get too close to any telephone poles…”


“Oh yeah, this is worth it.”

February 29_ 2012 - Genzyme-sized2

John Pickett lets it all hang out documenting Genzyme’s 10k torch relay, while I take care of the heavy breathing. And yes, Windjammers rate above a 10 minute mile.

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