sound for film & video

The Old NDA Blues

I didn’t actually sign a non-disclosure agreement, but I always try to adhere to any given client’s desires for secrecy. So all I’m allowed to say is that I spent the past week at REDACTED out in REDACTED, where they’re doing some groovy things with REDACTED technology. It might revolutionize the way you interact with your REDACTED.

REDACTED Media took a bunch of textured plexiglass and built a slick-looking set in their conference room for a series of interviews that will show up on REDACTED‘s intranet. REDACTED used some downtime to make a set of really high-quality behind-the-scenes stills, only to find out we wouldn’t be allowed to show you any of them, innocent though they were. Needless to say you won’t be seeing any of this material on my demo pages soon.

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